Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cast Iron Skillet Cornbread

My mother gave both addROC and I gift certificates to the hot new kitchen store in SoHo, Sur La Table.

Naturally, addROC and I went apeshit.

After going to the store twice, contemplating this and that, checking out the SILPATS and bar spoons...we got a few very choice items.

addROC's favorite: The Cast Iron Skillet.

While, at first, this little toy just reminded me of cowboy eggs and French people, I've found that I've become quite fond of this heavy-ass pan.

So, when addROC made chili, we had to make cornbread. Off I went, mixing up the dry ingredients, like so:

Then, the wet ingredients:

And then, POP, into the oven, pan and all!

So fun, right? A pan, that goes in the oven and doesn't melt?!
And, it produced this gem-of-a-hunk-of cornbread:


Now, all's I need is to make cowboy eggs and to find some French people to enjoy them with me!

But, for now, cornbread will have to do.


Marc said...

I loves me some cornbread! What a great thing to use your iron skillet for. Some things just require an iron a really good Cajun roux...sausage gravy for biscuits...fried chicken...or even a hamburger.

I used to love my grandma's cornbread, buttered heavily, with her homemade grape jam. Yowzah.

pinknest said...

cast iron skillets are probably one of the best props in the kitchen! you can make anything in them! but i'll take your cornbread, yes please.

Zank said...

You cornbread looks great.