Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tart Smarts

It's plainly obvious that I adore Christopher Kimball and everything and anything that has to do with America's Test Kitchen.

So, when I found myself in the dessert-y mood, I went straight to the Best of America's Test Kitchen 2008.

And there they were...calling my name. Rustic Free-Form Apple Tartlets.

So, I hopped-to and whipped up a new kind of pastry dough (one that requires no shortening, but uses cream cheese). Let it chill and rolled out my tiny tarts.

The apple filling was simple, leaving the fruit to speak for itself, which is always more satisfying then adding ooodles and ooodles of sugar and other crap.

It really couldn't have been easier.

Just make the dough, wrap it around some fruit, bake, and you're done.

The result?

The closest thing to buying awesomely awesome tarts from a swanky bakery.

These were phenomenal. And so frikkin' easy.

So, I was able to escape my pie obsession for a few days, only to become obsessed with Rustic Free-Form Tartlets. I am definitely going to make these again and experiment with other fruits.

OMG like Strawberry....

Chris Kimball...yet again you have proven that you are a God among us mere mortals.


pinknest said...

these are so gorgeous!!! i love apple desserts like this. so cute! did you serve it with some cream?

Brooklyn Bitch said...

Actually, no. Which is odd considering I serve EVERYTHING with cream. But, these were really great just by themselves. The cream cheese in the dough really brought out a nice rich flava-flav.

Marc said...

OMG. Those look FAB! And you know me, BIG Chris Kimball fan here. I love apple anything! And when I saw this, I also thought cream. I serve everything with cream, too. I bet those would be good with a few blueberries thrown in there, too. You rock.

Brooklyn Bitch said...

Marc- Mmmm...blueberries would be scrumptious. I'm thinking maybe mixed berry...and, if I do that, cream WILL be necessary.