Monday, February 11, 2008

Irish Lace Cookies: The Not-So-Pretty Irish Lasses

Ah, the I love them.

In fact, I'm obsessed.
As it turns out, I love Irish people, literature, culture, music, and beverages so much, I actually majored in Irish Studies when I attended college.

One of the overriding themes in Irish history is that the people of Ireland, when pressed, can make a little go a long way. Back in the day, peasants on the Emerald Isle didn't get to indulge in many pleasures, especially culinary delights.

The people made the most out of what they had sitting in their near bare cupboards. So, out of strife and innovation, the Irish Lace Cookie was born.

It's a cookie with practically nothing in it, yet, it tastes like a little bite of heaven.

So, I hearkened back to the days when my ancestors were still starving somewhere in County Clare, and baked a batch:

And hot-damn, were they the ugliest little cookies I ever did see.

Ugly, but delicious.

All I need now is a shot of Jameson...and it's a winter warm-up snack that can't be beat!


pinknest said...

hilarious. but they do sound delectable with some jameson. crispy and crunchy??!

Brooklyn Bitch said...

Crispy...crunchy...and ooooooh-soooo-butterrrry!

Reid Hawkins said...

Mmmm buttery crunchy goodness!