Friday, May 2, 2008

Ramp Me, Baby.


All the live-long day.

Everyone who's anyone in the food community, and beyond, is talking about these wild leeks. Foodie friends, all the blogs, snooty and otherwise, it's insane. I had to know, what is soooo great about these little fuckers?

Why did I have to go to the Greenmarket in Union Square BEFORE work, just to make sure what seemed like Greenmarket contraband hadn't sold out? And, furthermore, WHY did I pay $6 for just two bushells? Eh? Eh?

Well, after much skepticism, I found out what the big frikkin' deal was with ramps.

They are delicious.

If I have to get up early to get the little buggers again, so help me God, I will.
It was a meal to remember, partly due to the mystery that was somehow solved, and partly due to addROC's superb execution. Which, will unfold below:

addROC Saut├ęs Ramps and Prosciutto .

Then, adds pasta and a healthy amount of delicious Romano Cheese.

Plate and savor.


I annoy addROC with my obnoxious ramp songs.

But, take my word for it, they're worth singing about.

Get up early, and shake your putootie over to the Greenmarket for New York's Culinary Contraband!!!


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pinknest said...

lol! were you at the market early? sometimes it's nice early when the crowds aren't there. i'd like to hear these ramps songs.