Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sugarbush Farm: Where (Cheesy) Dreams Come True

and I found ourselves on an extended Vermont vacation for a friend's wedding. So, after checking out a map of Woodstock, VT, I declared that a trip to Sugarbush Farm, where the cheese is plentiful and the maple syrup flows like wine, was an absolute necessity.

So, we walk into the Sugarbush Farm Country Store first, and, there are no other words to express the feeling other than, "Holy Shit!"

Sugarbush was frikkin' stocked with homemade jams, mustards, maple candies, and VT oddities.

Which we proceeded to sample...

Then, it was on to the incredible cheese room, where we got to try every cheese they make at Sugarbush!!!

Next, we watch in awe as the Ladies de Sugarbush prepare and package cheese by first wrapping it in thin foil and then triple-dipping it in wax! This was so exciting. I felt like, finally, I was able to witness something worthy of a Mister Rodgers field trip:

The ladies.

Foiled cheese.

Smoked cheese, before foiling.

Onion cheese, after being triple-waxed.

Next, addROC and I put on our best Moose faces and smile!

Then, we see, what's that?! A sign for a Maple Walk?! Let's go!

addROC and our friend Aaron head up to the teeny-tiny little bridge that begins the maple walk, as I bring it up the rear.

After the Maple walk, which was peaceful and oh-so-Vermontish, Aaron and I enjoy a refreshing bottle of Sugarbush Farm's own Root Beer! Sooooo fuckin' good!

Finally, we bid ol' Sugarbush Farm goodbye, after buying $50 worth of cheese and Maple Mustard!!! What a day trip!

Go to Sugarbushfarm.com RIGHT NOW and buy cheese. We've already ordered a ton for friends and family, and it ships extremely well.

Viva La Sugarbush!


Marc said...

I was beginning to worry that you weren't coming back!!

What a great place! I love places like that. It all looks delicious!

Glad you're back!

pinknest said...

i want to be foiled and triple waxed! or no, no i don't. but i do want to eat these cheeses! i must go.

Andi Mags said...

This looks amazing, and I want to eat all that cheese.

mlc2005 said...

I have been there a dozen times or so... I used to live near that farm when I went to Vermont Law School. The cheese is BY FAR the best I have ever had. The extra extra sharp cheddar is unbelievable. It makes it impossible to enjoy normal cheese again.