Friday, June 29, 2007

Sobriety Checkpoint: The Fizzy

Thank the sweet lord! Summer has arrived and so too have the bitchin' drinks of the season.

Being a professional booze-hound, I find myself bored with the typical repertoire of summer treats. Yes, Margaritas and Mojitos can suck it. Save the labor for the fuckin' bartender.

When I'm at home, this Nester just wants to sit on her ass and vegetate. Easy is the name of the game.

The Fizzy is one bad ass beverage. You'll be thanking me all Summer long...


1 Bottle/Can San Pellegrino© ARANCIATA
1 1/2 Shots Vodka
5 Ice Cubes
1 Pint Glass

Combine and enjoy.

TIP: I recommend TANQUERAY© vodka, I think your taste buds will appreciate the upgrade and a large bottle won't break the bank. And, if you can't find San Pellegrino,© try Orangina.©

And, be prepared. If you live in an area like mine, where most of your Vodka retailers are Polish or Russian, expect to get the wonky eye for buying English Vodka.


addROC said...

1 1/2 shots of vodka?
Not when I make them :)

Miss Heather said...

Jose Cuervo makes golden margaritas that are ready to drink right out of the bottle. It's sort of expensive, but dammit, I'M WORTH IT!

dshavs said...

Sounds like heaven. I tend to mix up concoctions to relive the tedium of beer / wine/ wine / beer and also must point out that I am lazy. Quite lazy. So when I found myself down to almost no booze in the house late one evening I discovered this crap little bottle of watermelon rum I think somebody put in a shitty little grab bag around X-mas, and mixed it up with a bit of sparkling lemonade. I tell you it was OUTSTANDING! So much so that the next week when I remembered this kiss of heaven, I ran by the liquor store and was somewhat embarrassed to be shopping for yet more watermelon rum. They only had watermelon flavored vodka, but again, laziness won out since I didn't want to walk up 4 blocks to the other liquor shop, and bought the bottle of hooch. The drink sucked, and now I'm stuck with a shitty bottle of watermelon vodka......

Brooklyn Bitch said...

That does sound tasty, though, as a general rule, I am not a fan of watermelon flavored drinks. Especially not Vodka.
But, I must say, mixing anything with sparkling lemonade is a good idea...just as long as it's not Jager.