Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Nester of the Week: Gordon Ramsay


Call me a BIG loser, but, I frikkin' love this guy.

His his overly-dramatic television persona, his foul-mouthed asshole act, his British joie de vivre! You name it, Gordon Ramsay has it.

Sure, his act is, well, an act.
But, I like his in-your-face attitude and his family values.
If everyone could get past the fact that he's dropping F-Bombs left and right, maybe they'd see that he's a celebrity chef with culinary talent and business know-how worth writing home about.

After I read about his home life, family, and sheep (truly baaaaaad-ass) in a Bon Appetit featurette, it's a lot easier to envision the man behind the effin' mask.

It turns out, he's actually quite the family-man, and making good food is actually a part of the Ramsay family's everyday living. He ain't no Rachel Ray peeps.

Awwww. So he's really a sap after all.

Hell's Kitchen is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. And, I am super-psyched for September 19th's 9PM premiere (Tomorrow people!) of his new show on FOX: Kitchen Nightmares.

Love him or hate him, but, either way join me in raising a glass:

A fucking toast, to you, Gordon Fucking Ramsay!
I Fucking Love You Muthafucka!

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pinknest said...

that photo of him is hilarious. you have to read the profile of him in the new yorker from a couple months back.