Monday, September 10, 2007

A Serious Word on Anonymity

(Painting by Martin Dace)

Today's post is a brief one folks.

I have to tip a bit off the subject today because after reading a post on Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn, titled "I LIKE REAL NAMES OR CONSISTENT WEB ALIASES" I found myself thinking a lot about anonymity and what its place is in the blogosphere, and what it means to me, as a blogger.

So, I replied to this post, in a rather long-winded fashion, and I hope you'll follow the link there and read what Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn has to say too.

Send me your thoughts. Anonymous or not.


doggybloggy said...

how ridiculous was that post? did some anonymous person offend her or what?

brightshinyworld said...

agreed---- and wtf with her always using pseudonyms for her children/friends? a little hypocritical, it would seem. For someone against anonymity, anyway.

I've always used my full name in my blog title for some reason, but not for any righteous statement. Maybe just to make it easier for friends to find me?

Anyway, I read what you said and I know she'll probably post it and counter with something, or delete it like it never happened. But good for you for speaking your piece; you have set an excellent example for the rest of us budding Brooklyn Bitchlettes.

Marc said...

Good for you. Your post was right on the mark. Well-spoken and civil, not self-righteous, just factual. Bravo!

Caseopele said...

I read your comment and just wanted to tell you I thought it was excellent. For someone with such a "thick skin" Louise seems to take offense quite easily. Great job!