Friday, September 14, 2007

Sobriety Checkpoint: Skittles© Infused Vodka

Hmmm. Sounds delicious, right?

What could be better than your favorite little, sugary candies in vodka?!

Well, addROC and I found out, a lot of things are WAY better than this supposed sweet treat.

We got the idea from this video:

3 Bags Skittles©, with the GREEN and PURPLE candies removed
500 ml Bottle of Vodka
1 Sieve or Cheesecloth

Pour out or drink the top 2 oz of vodka from the bottle. Pour Skittles© into bottle. Shake bottle with Skittles© until most of the color has bled out of the candy. Let the Skittles© soak for 24 hours. Using a small sieve or cheesecloth, strain solids from vodka bottle. Pour infused vodka back into bottle.

Or not. We didn't like the flavor very much, and, we're not really sure what kind of mixer is appropriate for this spirit, we tried Lemon-Lime soda, which didn't really do it for us.

So, try at your own was still a nifty little project...but for now, I think I'll stick to enjoying the one thing Skittles© always does right, advertising!


pinknest said...

lol! i love the fact that you made these and didn't like them. i love soaking pineapple in vodka.

Krista said...

Hmm...I'm not crazy about Skittles but I love the idea of candy-infused vodka.

I once bought chocolate flavored Boone's Farm at a 99-cent store and that was a huge mistake, so clearly choice of alcohol and candy are key.