Monday, October 1, 2007

The New Frontier

With pie tensions mounting, and a daunting amount of tried-and-true recipes to attempt, I felt the sudden urge to flee my kitchen.

It was then, I realized, it's time pie and I had a trial separation.

I'm pied out. Though my love for pie has just been unearthed, I need a new obsession. An obsession with less leftovers and more versatility. And, it didn't take me long to find one.

Yeasted Breads.

I can hear you baking Pros out there chuckling and scoffing at my presumptuous endeavor.
"The nerve. She thinks because she's mastered pie dough that she can take on the stubborn task of yeasted breads? Ha!"

Well, presumptuous I may be, but, it's getting colder, and I want to be nestled up in my apartment watching old episodes of Felicity, and inhaling the sweet, sweet perfume of fresh bread baking (or burning) in the oven.

So, I go forth...into the unknown...

And my one hope is that, like the sun, my dough will rise!

1 comment:

pinknest said...

wonderful! you MUST make the sullivan street bakery no-knead bread by jim lahey. search for it on my blog or look for the recipe on or just google it. it's so easy and phenomenol.