Friday, October 19, 2007

A Little Dish Music

Call me crazy, but, I love doing dishes.

It's my therapy.

I have a dish schedule, a dish routine, and a deep love and respect for rubber gloves.

Sure, sometimes after entertaining, I procrastinate a little.
I've winced once or twice at the caked-on sauces and dried-on rice grains, but, overall, I like standing in front of the sink.

One of the best things about doing dishes is listening to my music. I have a dinky-boom-box my Dad got me in high school that lives on our kitchen table and I pop in all my favorite CD's and listen to my favorite radio station.

These are the moments I treasure. And, though you may not want any insight into my soul, here it is anyway, my most listened to dish music...maybe it'll inspire you to go get some Casabellas and step up to the sink.




Or, maybe you're like this bitch:

Of course she doesn't! She's too busy being a filthy whore.


Dish time. = Me time.

Call me sad, but, bubbles and suds make me very happy.

Have a great weekend...and don't let those dishes pile up!

1 comment:

pinknest said...

you make it sound so appealing! i don't understand why i don't like it. people say it's relaxing and makes them feel good, etc, but i can't get into it! dammit i want me time! maybe if i had a real glamorous sink that would help.