Monday, August 27, 2007

Rubber Glove-y, You're the One.

All Hail! The geniuses at Casabella have made the BEST GLOVES EVER!!!

I saw these little gems at Duane Reade while debating what kind of scrubber to buy for, my then, heinous tub.

I'll admit, their spiffy packaging was what caught my eye, but, after reading the label's promises (Tapered, snug fit; Cotton flock lining; and Patented cuff!), I decided, for $5.99, I had to buy the gloves.

Well, hot-damn, these gloves deliver on every promise they make, and, in addition, I've found they actually smell kinda nice, a sort of sweetness surrounds their girly-goodness. Not that typical latex-y grossness.

And, can we discuss the fact that they're PINK people! Sooooo much more fun than the yellow-turd gloves that make you look and feel more like a floatation device than a sexy, French maid...

So, get flirty in the suds! These are super durable, don't get water logged, smell pretty, and they're frikkin PINK!!!

Just one more reason why dishwashers are for LAME-Os!!!!

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pinknest said...

you know, i see these gloves all the time and i've heard they're good but have always WONDERED.