Thursday, August 16, 2007

Road Trippin': Cape Cod

Holla! addROC and I are getting the fuck out of dodge tonight, and driving up to good ol' New England!

Yes, it's that magical time where we sit on long, beautiful beaches, drinking can after can of Bud Light to re-hydrate, and eating BBQ with friends that we haven't seen in too long.

If that doesn't sound like summer, I don't know what does.

Then, we are going to our favorite Cape seafood stop, which I will be sure to post about when we return! I'll just give you a teensy-weensy preview and say, that this joint has the best fuckin' Lobster Rolls I have EVER put in my mouth, and, that means they're good, real good.

Not to mention addROC has a few culinary surprises up his sleeve for our gracious hosts. And of course, ridiculous quantities of booze for both day-time sun-bathing and evening bonfire beach consumption.

Ah, sweet summer, as you drift away...I cling to what beauteous treasures you have left to behold...

Apologies in advance for the break from posting...but, I'll be severely inebriated on a beach in Cape Cod, would you really want to hear me blather away, slurring horrendeously?


Marc said...

Hope you both have a great weekend! I love the Cape.

pinknest said...

have fun! eat a lobster roll for me. or three.