Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Korean BBQ in 'Da Burg: Dokebi Bar & Grill

So as the result of losing a bet to addROC, the beeotch, I had to buy him dinner.

He decided on Dokebi Bar & Grill on Grand Avenue between Bedford and Driggs Avenues in Willamsburg.

We ordered the Spicy Ribeye, which came with a bunch of great little sides to add to your beef and lettuce wrap: Black and White Rice, Black Beans, Cucumber, Kimichi, Watercress, Onions, and Soybean Paste.

Everything was super fresh and tasty, not to mention very pretty.

But, the best part was cooking at our table with our own lil' BBQ Grill right in the center! I felt like a little kid in arts and crafts class!

Check out our mad grillin' skills:

This place was fun, tasty, and if you hit it at happy hour you can get two draft beers for the price of one! Now who can turn that down?

We highly recommend this joint.



addROC said...

And they have 40oz. of Colt45, classy!

pinknest said...

ah this looks yummy! i haven't "self-barbecued" on the table in so long. i'm ready!

Rupes said...

Soemtimes in Korea they do the dog, but in America and Brooklyn I dont thinks so. Otherwise for what its worth, theyre not so poor anymore as when I was over there in '53 thank god. It could be a good meal anyhow in my humbled opinion, if I can get the doggish imagerey out of my head at all. Maybe well try them with alot of rice too, to give it some more good thoughts again.