Monday, August 13, 2007

Brooklyn Bitch's Cleaning Essentials

A new week begins.

And so, as I do almost every week, I've promised myself that I am going to scrub the fuck out of the bathroom.

Not my favorite chore. But, each time I do it, I get better at it.

It's like your math homework from back in the 9th grade. You bitched and bitched about having to do it, thinking you were a dumb-ass. And, then you did the work, and it fuckin' sucked, but, by the end, you knew your shit.

Your Mom was right.

So, here are a few products that are my cleaning staples. I don't believe in having different products for different rooms. Blah, blah, blah. If the fuckin' spray can't disinfect the toilet as well as the counter, then FUCK the spray.

So, while we're on the subject, let's look at the two multi-purpose sprays that are da bomb diggity shit:

1. Mr. Clean© Antibacterial Multi-Surface Spray

Best spray EVER.
This stuff works great in the kitchen on dirty and/or greasy counters, AND, it also kicks some serious ass in the bathroom in toilets and around the sink area.
I also use this spray on glass table tops, mirrors, and lacquered wood.
I live and swear by this stuff.

2. Febreeze©

If you don't have a bottle already, you've been living like a dirty hippie for too long. This stuff is a Godsend. Now, I'm not saying that you should use Febreeze© instead of laundering your clothing and towels (and, I did knew some dirty frat boys once upon a time who used Febreeze© as an alternative to TIDE©), but, if you're a few days overdue for a washing and your stuff's a little funky, this stuff is great. A spritz or two on the couch before guests arrive, and they'll think you've been cleaning all day.
Huzzah, it's like deodorant, for cloth!

3. Soft Scrub©

This stuff is possibly the best tub solution on the market. It is PERFECT for all you lazy people out there who just want to "wax-on, wax-off." All you do, is pour some of this stuff onto the nastiness in your tub, wait 15-30 minutes, go back and lightly scrub with a sponge. Simple and easy. And, though it does have a slightly bleachy smell, it's way milder than actual bleach, and not nearly as harsh!

4. Swiffer© Dusters

Um, these are frikkin' awesome.
They actually perform better than Swiffer© gives them credit for in their commercials. These little powerhouses not only latch onto dust like muthafuckas, they even pick up small dirt particles and other nastiness that's collected in and around your couch. They rock, as do most Swiffer© products, if you ask me!

Go little nesters, take your new weapons and motivate.

The battle rages on...


pinknest said...

i dread cleaning the bathroom. dread it! i remember martha stewart saying she cleaned the bathroom (well, maybe not HER) every day. what?! oh for such pristine-ness. what about scotch brite products? what say you?

Brooklyn Bitch said...

Scotch Brite stuff is usually pretty durable. I use their sponges, and I've found that thier scouring pads last the longest of the brands I've tried. I mean, they're 3M can you go wrong?

Marc said...

bb - I got such a good laugh out of this post. It is so me! And your favorites are mine - love Mr. Clean, love Soft Scrub with Bleach, and there hasn't been an invention in 40 years like Swiffer dusters. OMG, I use the hell out of them. I buy the ginormous bulk box at Costco, that's how Swiffer-crazy I am.

pinknest - I use ScotchBrite stuff because, as BB says, they last forever (almost), but you have to be careful with them since they will scratch shiny surfaces like porcelain, stainless steel, chrome, etc. Scrub gently! But there is nothing like a ScotchBrite pad for a dirty skillet!

I also use Bon Ami powder when I need some cleaning muscle on shiny surfaces because it doesn't scratch. Sometimes it does a better job than Soft Scrub. Sometimes.

judy said...

I just discovered Kaboom. Try it and work a whole lot less hard:

(I'm not a paid shill--just a lazy cleaner.)