Friday, August 3, 2007

Nester of the Week: Martha Stewart

OK. So, she's the ultimate nester, forever and ever. Amen.

But, just because she's on the cover of WIRED Magazine this month, we have to give her Nester of the Week.

She's classy, bitchy, business savvy, and fucking clever. And, while she may have sold out, just a little, she's still awesome.

And, for WIRED, she made a kick-ass Wii cake! Awesomeness.

Toast to Martha with something classy, like a Bordeaux or Chablis.

You're too good for this world Martha, you're too good. That's why they tried to lock you up...

But, we know here at The Brooklyn Nester, you're the nesting Wizard, and Martha, no one's gonna hold you back.

Not nobody, not no how!


pinknest said...

god i love her. LOVE HER!!!

Brooklyn Bitch said...

And it's OKAY to love her. I don't know why everybody hates on her...she is sooooo badass.

JMFB said...


Rupes said...

She is like the white Tyra, which I find appealling in many other ways too.