Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Sobriety Checkpoint: Pimm's© & Ginger

We discovered this scrumptious sipable thanks to our great friend and favorite photag, Cliff Hawkins. While he was flitting about the city, drinking of course, he found this gem at APT (419 West 13th Street) and decided to whip 'em up at home and, of course, for us, his gratified guests.

I love this drink for several reasons:

1. It meets my rule: 3 ingredients or less.
2. It's refreshing as fuck.
3. Pimm's isn't as strong as some other liqueurs, so, you can have a couple big glasses before you're in the bag.
4. It's so gosh-darn purdy.
5. It makes me feel like I'm in Savannah, enjoying a drink with the other debutantes.

1 Bottle Pimm's© No. 1
1 Bottle Ginger Ale
1 Cucumber, thinly sliced
A Large Glass
5-7 Ice Cubes

In your glass filled with ice, pour Pimm's No.1 so that it fills half the glass. Then, pour the ginger ale over the Pimm's© to the brim of the glass. Garnish with cucumber slices to taste.


This is a true summer drink: Light, crisp, and great for a lazy afternoon with friends.

Y'all enjoy yer beverages now...


pinknest said...

oooh i LOVE drinks like this!! must make.

... said...

Drink up kiddies, this one is best in the summer, especially when the ac's broke.