Monday, February 9, 2009

Limited Counter Space, Revisted; Pt.2 : A Solid Purchase

Waaaay back in the fall, I found myself back at The Brooklyn Kitchen to browse.

With little in the way of cash, it seemed unlikely that I'd make a purchase.
But, there it sat on the bookshelf. Beard on Bread. And, after much consideration, and finally, an approving nod from addROC, who was still sifting through the cocktail toys, I decided that, even when extremely poor, a good book is always a good idea.

And, the ladies at The Brooklyn Kitchen seemed to agree, stating "A solid purchase," as I paid at the checkout line.

So, I splurged. I got the book by the infamous James Beard, which contains his 100 favorite bread recipes, both hearty and sweet.

So, I took my maiden voyage into the abyss of Beard Loafdom and made his recipe for Lemon Bread.

Here's the loaf, pre-bake:

And, post-bake:

Now, this bread did not turn out quite as lovely as I'd hoped. It was a little dry, perhaps because I over-baked it a bit. And, the lemon flavor was off. addROC and I decided that this was probably due to some pith getting mixed in with my lemon zest.

So, I must try this again...maybe soon. The oven in our new apt. is almost exactly to temperature! Huzzah!


Marc said...

Girl, you got a whole liquor cabinet going behind that cooling rack!

Jess bought me a James Beard book and I thought I'd be happier with it. I think I like my Ina Garten or Craig Claiborne books better.

Good to see you back!

pinknest said...

phooey to pith!

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