Thursday, February 5, 2009

Limited Counter Space, Revisited; Pt.1: The Best News EVER!

So, I think the most noteworthy thing to happen in recent times, also happens to be the BEST thing to happen in recent times.


Believe it or not, these cookies actually weren't made on election day. These pics are so fucking old, they are actually from the evening of the last debate! But, they looked so fabulous that, I said to myself, how could I NOT show you people?

So, I give you what I have labeled: The Great Debate Cookie.

Here, I paint excitedly:

This was before any of us were SURE that all our Obama dreams would come true, so, please excuse the red cookies. But, before anyone had won the good fight, I felt compelled to make sure that all parties were fairly represented.

Hooray for Obama! And hooray for the ever-versatile frosted butter cookie! And hooray, of course, to The Brooklyn Kitchen, for the awesome U.S.A. cookie cutter!

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