Friday, December 14, 2007

addROC's Kitchen: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Breakfast: French Toast

Ah...what better way to wake up than to your man-toy cooking you breakfast?

After making several loaves of Crusty French Bread, I discovered that it's hard to finish a whole loaf before it starts going stale. Being the innovator that he is, addROC proposed that the solution to this dilemma was nothing other than French Toast (see above).

So, we went to visit our neighbor, McDonald's, and grabbed a few iced coffees, pulled out the powdered sugar and 100% pure maple syrup, and went to town. Holla!

Lunch: Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Homemade 'Slaw, Quick Pickled Relish, and White Shoepeg Corn

The cold days have finally come. And, there's nothing nicer than staying cooped up in the ol' homestead. So, addROC put a pork shoulder in the slow cooker and let that baby rock'n'roll.

Approximately 5 hours later...

Homemade pulled pork...and all the fixin's. So delectable. So southern.
Sooooo worth the wait!

Dinner: Steak Diane, Roasted Potatoes, and Roasted Green Beans and Shallots

Steak Diane, a true classic, was recently featured in Gourmet Magazine, and by one of my most favorite blog hostesses, Pinknest. So, addROC whipped it up, and, man was it tasty.

Three meals.
One awesome chef/boyfriend/man-toy.

Life is good.


pinknest said...

you have been eating mighty fine lately!! that all looks soooo good. wasn't the steak diane so easy and delicious? i love it!

Marc said...

Fabulous! I love it. It all looks so delicious.