Friday, December 7, 2007

O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum

I may have started the season off with a Bah-humbug, but, I've been bitten by the Elf of Christmas Cheer.

Last night, addROC and I headed down to the corner of Nassau Ave. and Diamond St. in Greenpoint to pay a visit to the Christmas tree man. We walked away, happily, with our lovely tree and a new stand.

I put on 106.7 Lite FM, to listen to some x-mas tunes (which, for some reason, are on this station 24/7) and got to work.

First, the lights must be strung (see above).
I can't help but smile like a 4 year old.
There's something about the smell of pine that acts like a hallucinogenic drug, catapulting me into the throes of Christmas glee!

Next, garlands must be made.
What would a tree be without a little cranberry and popcorn on a string!

Then, I got down to business cutting out some snowflakes.
I'm pretty sure that cutting these out increased my chances of getting arthritis 10-fold, but, it's worth it! Look how cute!

And finally, sitting back with a glass of Chianti, and looking at that bad boy.

A little scrappy? Sure.

A Work in progress? Sure.

But, last night, I was reminded of what Nesting is all about, in Brooklyn, Bavaria, Belgium, and beyond. It's about spirit people.

It's hard to hold back screams during the holidays. Everyone is so busy, tired, and spending money they don't have. But, in the end, all that stuff is beside the point. When all's said an done, it's about joy, giving, and sincere thanks for all the good in our lives...

1 Christmas Tree: $25
1 Medium Tree Stand: $10
1 Bag Fresh Cranberries: $2.99
8 Sheets of Uncut Snowflakes: $.08
1 Bowl Freshly Popped Corn: $.15

Finding Myself in the Holiday Spirit: Priceless, bitches!

Go get a tree, or, whatever makes your season bright.

It's all in the small stuff Nesters, it's all in the small stuff.

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pinknest said...

yay!!! i just got my tannenbaum yesterday!! i love it. and i listened to christmas music and decked it out, too.