Monday, December 17, 2007

Pimp My Parisian Pletzel

Yesterday was cold and nasty.

I nestled down with my crochet, and decided that I would not leave the apartment for anything; Barring fire and/or life threatening circumstances, of course.

Well, this became a problem when addROC and I got hungry.
Other than some leftovers, which we did perchance to munch, we were kinda stuck.
So, instead of listening to our bellies growl, I pulled out the flour, yeast, eggs, and oil and got to kneading me some special dough.

Yes, Parisian Pletzel, or Jewish Onion Rolls, were suddenly on the menu.

So, I sprinkled the onion like a Christmas (Chanukah?) fairy...and did some badass bakin'.

Oh-so soft, warm, and delicious.

I may be a Goy, but, I can still cook bread for a Kosher occasion.

Praise be to the Gods, whoever they may be, for pimpin' my Pletzel...a yummy snack, without leaving the homestead!

Now, we ALL can say Amen to that!


Marc said...

Oy! Those look delicious.

I have been referred to as a shiksa myself...but I can make challah, brisket, chopped liver and latkes as well as any jewish mother!

Hey, wanna know a good way to get the carbon deposits off cookie sheets? I use Easy-Off COLD oven cleaner (blue can); spray it on and let it sit for 20 minutes, and it works very well!

brightshinyworld said...

Hey BN --

Those are beautiful!!! Wanna share the recipe with a fellow brooklyn nester?

pinknest said...

oooh yummy! how long did it take?! i feel like if i were starving, i wouldn't be able to take out the yeast and flour.

Brooklyn Bitch said...

Marc- I'm not quite a Jewish mother yet, but, these rolls make me want to be! And, thanks for the cleaning tip. I am now officially ashamed of my pans....

BSW- Thanks! Here's the link again to the recipe! Gotta love epicurious!

Pinknest- They're actually pretty quick. Only an hour to rise, and with prep and bake time, maybe an extra 45? But, with bread, under 3 hours is nice for me!