Monday, December 10, 2007

Me. Want. Cookie.

The tradition of all traditions!
Christmas cookies!

After addROC and I put up our tree, I decided we needed a Christmas snack.
So, I wielded my mixer high in the air, and flung softened butter from the microwave to the mixing bowl.
I pulled out the trusty-dusty x-mas cookie cutters, gave 'em a rinse, and went to town on some HIGHLY caloric dough...

Butter Cookies.
I can already hear the Angels rejoicing!

I rolled out the first batch a bit too thin.
So, they were a little brownish...
Still very edible...

But, I wanted the $$$ shot:

Butter cookie delectable-ness Batman!

I didn't even bother to frost these guys, 'cause, well, I wanted to eat them NOW.


Cookie, cookie, cookie.
Mmmyum, mmyum, mmyum.

It's really great being an adult at Christmas.
It's a heartening reminder of how mature we've become, and, how some things never change.

Like, your bratty inner child...and her insatiable appetite for

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pinknest said...

oh give those to me.