Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bavarian Night (Sort Of)

Willkommen Nesters!

Welcome, indeed, to our Bavarian Night, or so I insisted on calling it. Though, in actuality it was really nothing other than addROC and I happily scurrying across our kitchen preparing to bake (Bavarian) pretzels. Wondering, the whole time, how long it would be before they were baking in the oven and addROC would be standing at the stove grilling (Bavarian) Bratwurst and boiling (Bavarian) Pasta.

So, the (Bavarian) Pretzel making began with the rolling of the dough that I had allowed to rise for an hour.

Next, addROC and I twisted them into teeny-weeny, cutesy-wootsy baby (Bavarian) pretzels!

Then, I brushed them with a lovely egg wash, and we both sprinkled some course salt, both plain Sea Salt and natural Celtic Grey Sea Salt, over the tops:

So, right before they went in to the oven, they looked something like this:

Into the oven they went! Gott sei Dank!* And then out they came, and they were as golden and adorable as I could ever have wished for!

And finally, after much labor, we sat down to enjoy our (Bavarian) Bratwurst, Pasta, and Pretzel Feast.


*Thank God!

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