Friday, January 18, 2008

Keep Your Eyes on the Pies

Yes Nesters, it is a Holiday weekend, in many respects.

This weekend, we celebrate a man whose vision and goodness still resonates throughout this country and the world. On Martin Luther King Day, we all take a moment to remember and to honor a national emblem of peace, whose loss is still felt. And, whose message is carried on by the many hearts he touched.

MLK, The Brooklyn Nester salutes you, for pursuing peace in a world that has far too little.

In addition to remembering Dr. King, addROC and I will be busy preparing for this coming Wednesday, January 23rd. AKA National Pie Day.

(Painting: © Wayne Thiebaud)

I encourage everyone to make a pie! Make many pies!

Email your photos and a short description to [thebrooklynnester (at) gmail (dot) com] and we will post your photos on the 23rd!

For pie-spiration, take a look at all the pies The Brooklyn Nester has made in 2007!!!

Pear Pie. Crisp and lovely!

Cherry Pie. Horrendous!

Apple Pie. Delicious, and oh-so-American!

Raspberry Chiffon Pie. favorite of the entire year!

Peanut Butter Cream Pie w/Chocolate-Coated Rice Crispie© Crust. addROC liked this one, but, it was a little too much Peanut Butter for me!

Gingered-Lemon Meringue Pie. A sour, bitter disaster.

White Chocolate Pecan Pie. My first pie EVER! And it was good! What can I say? Pie and I are a match made in pastry heaven!!!

So, enjoy your MLK day, and think about making some Pies for Peace.

MLK...this pie's for you!

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pinknest said...

beautiful!! i'm sort of in the mood for an apple pie. hmmm....