Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Jamaican Beef Pies*

After giving dinner a a great deal of thought, trying to keep in step with this week's pie theme, we decided to bend the rules a bit.

We decided to make some meat pies...

So, we pulled out the beer and the Jamaican Rum (Holla!) and got to cookin' some grub as if we were on the beaches of Negril, as opposed to our cold-ass kitchen.

Above, I rolled out the pastry, which is very similar to the pastry of your traditional pie. Though, it does contain quite a bit more flour.

Then, using an ugly, little bowl, I cut out circles of pastry...which would soon be stuffed with tasty, tasty beef.

addROC stuffed those bad boys, and then sealed them shut with egg and rum...and into the lovin' heat of the oven they went. And, then, after some minor dripping, we removed our tasty Jamaican Meat Pies* from the oven...

Then, we placed a lovely veggie and ranch appetizer on the table for pre-dinner nibbles.

And, for the final plating, addROC mixed up some of his famous bean salad, grabbed our meat pies* and we went to town...

SOOOOOOO delicious. The spices in the meat filling were fragrant and tasty.
It was a new kind of pie, and it got me thinkin' that I should branch out more often.

In conclusion to today's post, I would like to remind you all that:

TOMORROW is National Pie Day.
We will have some special pies to post from our kitchen, and we hope to see your contributions as well!

Send us a photo of the pie you've made (it can be sweet OR savory) with a brief description and we will include it in tomorrow's post.

All entries should be sent to: thebrooklynnester (at) gmail (dot) com

Have a great time baking (and eating) your pie! I look forward to seeing your entries!

*These "pies" are typically called "Jamaican Beef Patties." But, for the sake of pie week, I am taking the liberty of calling them pies. If you have objections to this slight substitution, I apologize, but, in actuality, they are little pies! Extremely delicious little pies!


Marc said...

Those look terrific. Yum. In Great Britain, those would be called Cornish Pasties (surprisingly, not pastries, as you would expect). Nevertheless, those look so tasty, and the corn and black bean side dish looks good, too! I'll try and dig up a chicken pot pie photo I took about a month ago...

pinknest said...

yummmmm!!! i love meat pies, jamaican beef patties to empanadas. delicious. you make it look so simple.

Reid Hawkins said...

Yay for pie day! Sarah, as always the pies were awesome! Chicken pot pies with HAM! The strawberry pie was terrific too.... I should have made some pork pies - well next year! You need to teach me how to make dough as I love empanadas but never have figured out the dough part.