Thursday, January 10, 2008

I Can Mash Potato...I Can Do the (Cheddar) Twist(s)!!!

Finally, after days of wanting to post, but, not finding the time or motivation. I travelled to the homestead...determined.

This holiday season has been pretty jam packed. And, as much as I love the razzle dazzle and the sound of wrapping paper being torn, I'm worn out.

So, in the aftermath, I've found myself hunkering as close to the couch as possible, and have let myself become inundated with the crap that flows through, and pumps out of my TV set.

But, other other night, I said "No more!" I went to the store and purchased means to bake...yeasted breads!

I went forth, and made scrumptious Cheddar Twists.

First I made the dough and portioned it out. You can see (above) that I used a tape measure to make sure all my twists were 14" long. Wowwee!

After rolling them out, I halved them, and twisted them.

Then, I let them rise, painted them with egg wash, and sprinkled them with Parmesan cheese.

And then, I reveled in their beauty after witnessing their crusty goodness.


I highly recommend that you check out, the site for Fleischmann's Yeast. They have a ton of great recipes. And, I trust them. Sometimes you find recipes on the net that just aren't quite right, especially when it comes to yeasty breads. So far, has been excellent for me!

Go, Bake away!

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Marc said...

oh my god, those look good! you are just turning into quite a baker. i am so proud of you, teaching yourself all of this! A. must be happy, too. You go, girl!