Wednesday, November 7, 2007

addROC's Kitchen: From Epicurean to Expedited Eats

The "Doctrine of the Clean Plate" is very easy to adopt in my apartment.


Because I have a live-in Chef.

I eat a great meal almost every night of the week.
In fact, usually, the disappointing night is take-out night.
addROC changes up his menu constantly, while saving a few favorites for possible second appearances.

Sometimes, he toils.
He's prepping when I get home: Chopping shallots, marinating steaks, slicing peppers, and roasting veggies.

And sometimes, he whips something up so quickly, so easily, it's like magic.
Even if it's a simple meal, he manages to make it look like restaurant fare.

The Epicurean:
Pork Medallions in Spiced-Tomato Pan Gravy
with Sliced Vegetables and Quick-pickled Cabbage

Delectable. This meal looked and tasted so fresh, and the pork melted in my mouth.
Sometimes I have to look at my plate for a minute and ask myself:
Is it really just a Tuesday night?

The Expedited Eats:
Jack, Cheddar, and Mozzarella Quesadilla
with Black Beans and Crystal Hot Sauce
Side of Sauteed Corn & Shallots

I remember saying the words, "I'm hungry," and having this plate in front of me what seemed like 3 seconds later. Sometimes a quick and easy meal can be a gourmet meal...all it takes is a little effort on the presentation!

Thanks to addROC for the eats...