Wednesday, November 14, 2007

From Start, To Finish

It was a evening for eating with friends.

And, these days, I don't go anywhere empty handed.

So, I took advangtage of my festive mood and decided to whip up some cakes.

Yes, cupcakes.

Being the New Yorker I am, I decided to make Magnolia Bakery's famous recipe. Cliche as they've become, they're a New York treat that's not to be missed.

Mmm...vanilla perfection!

Then addROC and I let them cool and went to town with homemade Vanilla Buttercream Frosting (recipe also care of Magnolia's!)

So much fun, and, so easy.

Go make cupcakes...and make everyone's day, including your own!


pinknest said...

so pretty!!! i've never made this recipe because i don't like magnolia's cupcakes!! does this recipe actually taste like them?

Brooklyn Bitch said...

I like to think they were a little more moist. I find Magnolia's to be a bit dry, but, tasty. These seemed to go over well, and, I liked them! So, maybe they're better! Ha!