Friday, November 16, 2007

A Bit of Pork, A Bit of Spice, A Bit of Everything That's Nice

Reid invited us to a tasty Pork-Chili feast at his place.
How could we say no?!
Reid is the king of pork. That's usually what he's cookin' and it's always good!

So, since addROC had the night off from cooking and I was in no mood for pie, we figured we'd bring something easy to suit this porky occasion.


I love cornbread, it's such a comforting side dish. And, it's suited to both the cold and warm seasons. So versatile.

I found a basic recipe on ol' trusty and went to town.
addROC had the good sense to utilize a package of jalepenos that were about to meet (and pass) their prime.
So, he cut those bad boys up, and we threw them it.

Bake...and done.

Simple. Tasty. Comforting. With just a little spice and something nice.

Perfect chili...perfect bread. No sweat.

Have a pimpin' weekend y'all.


40 Forever said...

That sounds delicious. I'm going to give it a try. I'm freaking out because EVERYBODY is coming to my house for Thanksgiving, and I am a horrible cook!

pinknest said...

oh i love cornbread! this sounds fun. and i love that you made it round.