Monday, November 5, 2007

The Bitch is Back

Sincere apologies my faithful Nesters!

My computer was down, and, then I ended up taking an unexpected hiatus.

But, the Bitch is back, and she's feeling renewed and zesty.

While I may have taken a brief break from blogging, the Nesting there is much to share in the coming weeks!

In any event, I've been feeling kind of guilty for abandoning you, here's a little nugget from 8 million years ago...AKA the Chris Kimball book signing. Some of you emailed me thirsty for details y'are!


The event opened with Chris chatting about the new book and how America's Test Kitchen works diligently to perfect its recipes.
Then there was a Q&A where all the weird-ass New Yorkers reared their ugly heads and asked totally irrelevant and uninformed questions. The only pertinent piece of information we learned during the Q&A was that when Christopher eats out in New York, he prefers Le Bernardin .
Classy Chris, classy.

Chris and his Test Kitchen crew brought along snacks. Which, as is evident, I munched whilst admiring our new book!

Then Chris signed some books...which we were super-stoked for!!!

And, here is our glorious book, equipped with signature of course!
And, Chris even has a little bow-tie stamp! So cute! It scored him some major Nesting points!

Anyway, even if it was, like, 3 years ago, it was fun and I thought y'all would like to see zee photos!

Have a great Monday! And, stay tuned as I beg for your forgiveness through blogging!


Marc said...

I am so jealous!!! I love Cook's Illustrated, and I really want that new "Best of" book! I have "The Best Recipe" and I love it.

What was the snack you were eating?

BTW, I am fully with him on Le Bernardin - it is my favorite place in the city.

Brooklyn Bitch said...

The snack was just a vanilla cookie sandwich with chocolate creme filling. A little dry to be honest. But, he did bring en mass, so, I forgive him. The book is awesome...totally worth the cash, especially with his signature!

He's class all the way, and, in case you were wondering: The guy really does LOVE food. Good to know considering we trust his recipes on an almost daily basis.

pinknest said...

does he EVER not wear the bowtie?!