Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Yet again, Reid outdid himself.

We held a mock-Thanksgiving. But, instead of spoiling the Turkey-bird for the big day (and having a shit-load of leftovers for 4 relatively small people), Reid made a delicious duck. And it was seriously kick ass.

We ate. We drank. We digested.

And here's how all the eatin' went down:

For starters, Cliff (who, is responsible for all the lovely photography in this post), brought some beautiful and tasty cheeses:

Then, a cocktail of Champagne with Orange "Caviar." Care of the evening's mixologist, addROC.

Then, Reid pulls out the Duck plate. Yowser!

So the spread is, well, spread! And we feasted in all our duck-a-licious glory:

The Final Score:
Cheese and Champagne with Orange "Caviar"

Duck-a-licious Duck
Sage Stuffing
Giblet Gravy
Homemade Apple Sauce
Green Beans

Honey-Pumpkin Pie

Hells. Yes.

And, finally, an addROC aspertif to end the evening with the gang. This treat was a Vessel 75:

Happy Turkey Day to all. And, a very special thanks to Reid, Cliff, and addROC for their delectable contributions to our most successful mock-Thanksgiving!

I will post more on the big T-day after the weekend!


Marc said...

I love duck! Wow, everything looked terrific! Yum, homemade applesauce.

pinknest said...

looks scrumptious! i want a duck plate for breakfast this morning. okay maybe not.

Reid Hawkins said...

Sarah, thanks for all the props! I have been slack about posting lately but promise to be more diligent so when people follow links they can see something new! Cheers - Reid