Monday, July 30, 2007

Bag O' Tomatoes: Step 1 - Sweet, Sweet Tomato Love

Yay!!! So we finally found some time to get busy with our bag of Tomato Magic!

How the Hot Tomato Love Went Down:

Above:(Left) An expanded peat-pellet in a Tupperware© (Right) Peat-pellets before expansion and Tomato seeds.

1. We put one, thin peat-pellet into a Tupperware.©
2. We poured 1/2 cup warm water over the pellet.
3. Then we waited around 5 minutes for the pellet to expand.
4. We fluffed the peat on the surface of the pellet.
5. We sowed 2 tomato seeds.
6. Then we ran and hid it in a dark place, and we're leaving it there until we see some sweet, sweet sprout action...

Seriously though, who knew tomatoes were so frikkin' sexy?!

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