Thursday, July 19, 2007

You say tomato, I say a bag of them.

Awesome adventures in horticulture continue here at The Brooklyn Nester.

We've found an environmentally friendly way to grow tomatoes, on your wall! (Or any weird spot you can think of in your tiny-ass apartment.)

What's great about these little bags of tomato-goodness is that they don't make a mess and they'll grow all year long. You can keep the bag outdoors (weather permitting, my little Brooklynites) or indoors.

Oh, and I should mention that you only have to water them once and they're set for life.
How, you ask?
Well...they come with these nifty crystals that release water to your tamaters over time. So this is like, the most low-maintenance project, ever.

We purchased this "Magic Tomato Grow Bag Kit" from a company called: Clean Air Gardening. It comes with three bags for the plantin' and cost us a total of $27.97 (w/ground shipping).

We will keep you updated as to the progress of our red, fruity friends. We still have yet to plant (bag?) our tomatoes. But hopefully they'll be looking as yummy as the one's on the website (pictured above) in the near future.

So, go green like the rest of the freakin' nation.
It's the least you can do for Al Gore's chubby ass.

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