Thursday, July 12, 2007

Canada or bust, eh.

Yes bitches, this nester is flying the coop for a 4-day weekend.

My boyfriend and I are headed to his hometown for their annual Oatka Festival and then we're trekking up to ol' Canada, eh, to see the great Niagara Falls.

From what I understand, the Oatka Festival is a big ol' party on the bank of the Oatka creek in LeRoy, NY. We'll be eating, drinking (heavily, if I had to guess), enjoying air that isn't contaminated with smog, and walking along small-town streets that aren't littered with dog shit.

Yes, it's a time for wholesome family fun, and, there won't be one chore on the itinerary. I am trading in my rubber gloves for a beef on weck sandwich(the snack of choice at Oatka Fest).

And then it's off to our northernly neighbor.

I can't frickin' wait to feast my eyes on one of the world's seven wonders. While Niagara maybe be passe in some circles, I am stoked to bear witness to the once-height of vacationing class.

And, while we're living the high life in Ontario, I plan to do some gambling, AKA, drinking for free while beating my boyfriend's ass at magnetic horse-racing.

Enjoy your weekend in these United States, nesters. I'll be posting again Tuesday.



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addROC said...

beating my ass eh? We shall see about that. IT'S ON!!!