Friday, July 6, 2007

British Vodka: An Oxymoron? Or an International Innebriant?

So, you may recall from a prior post, Sobriety Checkpoint: The Fizzy, I recommended that you use Tanqueray© Vodka.

And sweet Jesus, I still do.

But, I mentioned that your Polish and Russian retailers might give you shit for getting English vodka, only because it has been my experience that the Pols and Russians are devout worshippers of the vodka from their respective native regions.

Well. I was partially wrong.

Your vodka retailers may still give you the wonky eye, but the masses have spoken for themselves!

On the 4th of July, I was walking to a delightfully porky celebration at my friend Reid's humble abode and witnessed something that brought me much joy.

Yes, I saw four wasted, and I mean, WASTED Polish dudes. And these upstanding fellows were celebrating the independence we all hold so dear by drinking none-other-than: Tanqueray© Vodka!

Now, maybe this brought me more pleasure than it could ever bring you...but, I was proud to know that there are at least four, very drunk Pols, who concur that English Vodka is synonymous with delicious, drunken, adopted national holidays!!!

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Reid Hawkins said...

Well I must agree with Sarah that my neighbors LOVE to get wasted! Every weekend and most weeknights they are stumbling and mumbling. Nice to see they stepped it up a notch for the fourth of July!