Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Nesting Abroad!

Well nester's, I'm back. And boy was my vacation swell.
I apologize, sincerely, for the lack of posts, but, hopefully these Canadian highlights will make it all worth it!

Ok. So here is a WWII memorial. But, make note of the flag that is missing here. We got the Brits, the Canadians, and the U.S.....oh wait! No American flag?!
So, even Canadians, the most neutral muthafuckas on Earth hate us! Another proud moment in U.S. history!

Yeah, so Canadian cuisine left something to be desired.
We didn't eat at this joint, but, we thought it was fucking hilarious.
I'm not sure what Canadian food is, but, I'm pretty sure that it probably doesn't mesh with Chinese.

These frozen yogurt places were EVERYWHERE. I don't know why Canadians can't just call it "Frozen Yogurt." Fuckin' weirdos.

Okay. So, all Canadian weirdness aside, this was fantastic.

Niagara Falls was fucking amazing. You see pictures of this place and you think when you actually get there it won't blow you away because you've seen this image so many times. But, seriously, you have no idea how ridiculously powerful this beaut of a natural wonder is...

The sheer amount of water pumping over this thing is just stunning.

I had a great time abroad, but, I was glad to fly back to my own nest!

Check out more pictures from our trip at addROC's flickr page!

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