Friday, July 20, 2007

Sobriety Checkpoint: The Kiwi-Stawberry Snodka

I'm always talking about making drinks with 3 ingredients or less.


Because I'm lazy.

Not to mention, a shitload of ingredients can potentially equal a shitload of $$$. And frankly, if I'm gonna throw down serious cash to drink, I'm not boozin' in my apartment. You pay for labor pay dearly.

So, this week's checkpoint might just be some common sense to those of you with a light wallet and a heavy drinking problem.

It's easy, it's delicious, and if you use GEORGI© vodka it'll cost you under $5 for 2 strong drinks.

1/2 Bottle of Snapple© Kiwi-Strawberry
2 Shots Vodka
5 Ice Cubes
1 Pint Glass

Combine and Enjoy!

Here at The Brooklyn Nester, we're big on taste and low on class.

Enjoy the weekend and your Snodkas bitches!

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