Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sobriety Checkpoint: Zywiec, the Champagne of Greenpoint

If you're a Greenpointer, this isn't news to you. But, for those of you who hail from other parts of this fat-bottomed borough and beyond, you may not know about this Polish delicacy.

Zywiec, pronounced je-wetz, seems to be Poland's favorite beer and after living on the Greenpoint/Williamsburg border for quite some time, this tasty brew has fast become a staple in my fridge as well.

In Greenpoint, depending on where you go to purchase your booze, sometimes it's difficult to find anything other than Polish beer, unless you want to tote home that 6-er of Bud tall-boys, again.

So, we started experimenting with the Polish flava, and found that, more times than not, it's a rewarding experience. Other Polish brews that I've tried and see regularly around town are: Okocim, EB, Piast, and Tyskie. And, that's just to mention a few. But, when in doubt, go with Zywiec. It's the beer that, from what I can see in da 'hood, is purchased the most by Polish drinkers.

So, while you're roasting away today, throw back some authentic Polish goodness.

Oh, I should mention that Zywiec's cheaper than Paris Hilton after a few Cosmos. Nice.


addROC said...

And you may wanna check the spelling in you title, or have you been drinking Zywiec at work again

Brooklyn Bitch said...

I certainly have. Changes have been made. And, I'm sure, my stupidity has been noted.

Skiffle said...

Any idea where to purchase Zywiec Porter in Brooklyn?